Below are a selection of beautiful photo galleries by campers Stewart Dean, George Touchstone, Brian Joyner, Jon Gersh, Chris Miller, Lolli Edinger, and Carlos Cardona. Would you like to share your camp photos with us? Let us know!

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2016 Camps, Workshops, and Dances

Please visit flickr Stewart Dean‘s flickr page or website for more of his Ashokan photography.

Southern Week has also been captured in photos by George Touchstone. Visit his website here.

 Best of New Year’s Camp 2015/6

Best of New Year's at Ashokan 2015/6

215 photos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Trad String Fling 2016

Best of Trad Spring Fling at Ashokan - 2016

96 photos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Uke Fest 2016

Uke Fest at Ashokan 2016

271 photos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Western+Swing Week 2016

Best of Western & Swing at Ashokan 2016

167 photos & 8 videos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Guitar Camp 2016

Best of Guitar Camp at Ashokan 2016

127 photos & 4 videos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Northern Week 2016

Best of Northern Week at Ashokan 2016

196 photos & 10 videos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Family Camp 2016

Best of Family Camp 2016 at Ashokan

120 photos & 4 videos by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Best of Southern Week 2016

Best of Southern Week 2016 at Ashokan

262 photos & 1 video by Stewart Dean
(view on Flickr website)

 Old Time Rollick 2016

Jake-Blount-DSC 0100 Karen-Goodman-image-3 Greg-Buragino-P4010034 Greg-Buragino-P4010029 Jake-Blount-DSC 0986 Greg-Buragino-P4030151 Jake-Blount-DSC 0976 lyla-and-allsion-rollick2-1-1 Jake-Blount-DSC 0070 Greg-Buragino-P4020116 Jake-Blount-DSC 0870 Jake-Blount-DSC 0131 Greg-Buragino-P4010066 Jake-Blount-DSC 0005 Greg-Buragino-P4020136 Greg-Buragino-P4020121 Greg-Buragino-P4010051 Jake-Blount-DSC 0838 Greg-Buragino-P4010081 Greg-Buragino-P4010038 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5800 Jake-Blount-DSC 0126 Greg-Buragino-P4030147 Greg-Buragino-P4010105 Karen-Goodman-image-6 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5803 lyla-and-allsion-rollick2-1 Greg-Buragino-P4020119 Lynn-Meeker-image Karen-Goodman-image-4 Jake-Blount-DSC 0011 Jake-Blount-DSC 0064 Jake-Blount-DSC 0085 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5808 Greg-Buragino-P4020140 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5793 Jake-Blount-DSC 0958 Greg-Buragino-P4010114 Jake-Blount-DSC 0123 Jake-Blount-DSC 0106 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5798 Greg-Buragino-P4010048 Karen-Goodman-image-7 Karen-Goodman-image Jake-Blount-DSC 0054 lyla-and-allsion-rollick1-1 Karen-Goodman-image-2 Jake-Blount-DSC 0140 Greg-Buragino-P4010065 Jake-Blount-DSC 0783 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5810 Jake-Blount-DSC 0027 Diane-Wohland-Rollick2 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5811 Jake-Blount-DSC 0038 rollick-sign-at-ashokan-1 Jake-Blount-DSC 0093 Greg-Buragino-P4020132 Jake-Blount-DSC 0876 Jake-Blount-DSC 0049 Greg-Buragino-P4010056 Jake-Blount-DSC 0015 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5809 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5801 Jake-Blount-DSC 0992 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5812 Jake-Blount-DSC 0941 Jake-Blount-DSC 0888 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5814 Karen-Goodman-image-1 becca-slow-jam2 Jake-Blount-DSC 0950 John-Cerrigione-IMG 5791 Jake-Blount-DSC 0056 Karen-Goodman-image-5 Greg-Buragino-P4010070 Diane-Wohland-Rollick Greg-Buragino-P4020120 Jake-Blount-DSC 0822 Jake-Blount-DSC 0989
Jake-Blount-DSC 0100
81 photos by various Rollickers
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2015 Camps, Workshops, and Dances

Click on icons below to view Stewart Dean’s 2015 photos on the flickr website.
Click here to view 2015 Southern Week photos by George Touchstone

Best of Western + Swing 2015

224 photos by Stewart Dean

 Best of Northern Week 2015

199 photos by Stewart Dean

Best of Southern Week 2015

287 photos by Stewart Dean

Guitar Camp 2015

247 photos by Stewart Dean

 4th Annual Uke Fest 2015

321 photos by Stewart Dean

Trad String Fling 2015

280 photos by Stewart Dean

 Family Camp 2015

345 photos by Stewart Dean

Best of New Years 2015/2016

216 photos by Stewart Dean

2014 Camps, Workshops and Dances

Click on icons below to view Stewart Dean’s 2014 photos on the flickr website
Click here to view 2014 Southern Week photos by George Touchstone

 2014 Family Camp

by Stewart Dean

2014 Southern Week

by Stewart Dean

2014 Southern Week
George Touchstone Southern photo

by George Touchstone

2014 Northern Week

by Stewart Dean

2014 Western & Swing14404487320_a8874645d9_q

by Stewart Dean

2014 Western & SwingJon Gersch Western and swing

by Jon Gersch

2014 Western & Swing
Carlos Western and swing

by Carlos Cardona

2014 Uke Fest

by Stewart Dean

2013-2014 New Years Camp

by Stewart Dean

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