June 25-July 1, 2017
Western+Swing Week

Western + Swing Week photos by Stewart Dean
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Western+Swing Week
This camp took place Sunday, June 25–Saturday, July 1, 2017

Swing, Jazz, Country and Western-Swing music and dance

Dance: Lindy and West Coast swing, Two step, waltz and other C&W dances, squares & contras, dance parties and more.

Music: Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, steel guitar, piano, vocal technique, harmony singing, swing and country band clinics, improvisation, music theory, jam sessions, song swaps, and more.

Swing Dance Party & BBQ: Saturday, June 24 before camp (details).

Open to Western+Swing Week campers who need an extra night of fun and to folks who aren’t joining us for the whole week. You can add tickets when registering for camp or purchase à la carte dance and BBQ tickets if you’re not coming to Western+Swing Week.

2017 Staff

left-thing BANDS right-thing

left-thing DANCE right-thing

Emily Vanston & Brian Lawton


Emily Vanston and Brian Lawton
Lindy Hop

John Krumm

Photo: Stewart Dean

John Krumm
Squares and contras

Photographer: Rick Lightbody

Photo: Rick Lightbody

Cindy Overstreet
Steve Ryan

Swing, Country Western, blues
and a taste of Salsa

left-thing FIDDLE right-thing

Paul Anastasio


Paul Anastasio
Swing and country

Junior Daugherty


Junior Daugherty
Country and western swing

emily miller


Emily Miller


Ben Sanders
Country and swing

Jay Ungar


Jay Ungar
Waltzes and swing

Kevin Wimmer


Kevin Wimmer
Swing and Blues

left-thing GUITAR right-thing


Larry Baione
Jazz and swing


Molly Mason


Tom Mitchell
Jazz, swing and
Stephane & Django class


Ryan Hommel
Country and rockabilly


Rob Stein
Lap Steel Guitar (Pedal Steel, too!)

left-thing MANDOLIN right-thing

Will Patton

Will Patton
Swing and Jazz

left-thing SINGING right-thing

Laurel Masse


Laurel Massé
Swing and jazz singing, singer’s safety net

Zara Bode and Stefan Amidon


Zara Bode & Stefan Amidon
Harmony singing

left-thing PIANO right-thing


Vinnie Martucci

left-thing UKULELE right-thing

Robbert VanRenesse


Robbert Van Renesse
Ukulele and ukestra

left-thing IMPROV & MUSIC THEORY right-thing

Photo: I, Infrogmation

Peter Ecklund

left-thing BASS right-thing

Harry Aceto

Photo: Chad Lieberman

Harry Aceto

Colin McCaffrey

Photo: Will Forest

Colin McCaffrey

left-thing DRUMS & PERCUSSION right-thing

billy lang

courtesy Dixie Doughboys

Billy Lang

Stefan Amidon


Stefan Amidon

left-thing BAND CLINICS right-thing


Dave Davies
Jug Band

Photo: I, Infrogmation

Peter Ecklund
People’s Swing Band

sweetback sisters


The Sweetback Sisters
Country/Rockabilly Band


Tom Mitchell
Stephane & Django Band

Will Patton

Will Patton
Mando Band

More to come!



View the schedule for Western + Swing Week 2017.

You may also want to view the schedule, photos and staff from Western+Swing Week Camp 2016

Tuition and Meals

Tuition for the 2017 camp includes all meals*, classes and activities. Work exchange positions and youth scholarships are available.

Adults  $825
Youth Ages 13-25  $615
Children Ages 5-12  $500
Under 5  FREE 

Lodging is additional.

Camp attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You may select regular, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free meals. We make every effort to include a range of allergen-free dishes and to inform diners of meal ingredients.

* June 24 Pre-Camp Swing Dance & BBQ and June 25 Pre-Camp Brunch are available as add-ons during online registration.


Payment/Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may hold your place with a deposit of $150. Full payment is due no later than six weeks before camp begins.

Partial refunds are available until two weeks before camp begins. To cancel, please log into the account you created when registering on Regonline and select the option to cancel. Cancellation fees apply.

Please refer to our official payment/cancellation/refund policy for important deadlines and dates for this camp.


Enjoy the full Ashokan experience and choose comfortable onsite lodging as part of the registration process. More information and costs here.

What to Bring

  • If you are staying onsite: Sleeping bag or sheets, blanket, pillowcases, towels, soap, toiletries. There are light quilts in each private room and a small number of light blankets for those bunkhouse residents who are unable to bring one of their own. If you will need us to provide one, please let us know well in advance and we’ll do our best.
  • Flashlight, camera.
  • Clothes and shoes for wet and dry weather. Special event clothes and dancing shoes.
  • Public consumption of alcohol is discouraged.

See this What To Bring/Camp Summary for more details about what to bring, the schedule for camp, directions to Ashokan and other important information.

Youth Pricing and Scholarship Fund

We’re excited about the growing interest in traditional music and dancing among young people–the future is in their hands. To help young people take part in Ashokan Music & Dance Camps, we offer major discounts for children and young adults and have established a Youth Scholarship Fund. Anyone age 25 or younger can apply by filling out our Youth Scholarship Application.

Work Exchange

A limited number of work exchange positions are available to partially defray the cost of the camp. A list of available positions can be found here.

Indicate your first three choices of positions during online registration and make a deposit of $150 or more to hold your registration.

Contact us by phone (845) 246-2121, or email office@ashokan.org for details.


Registration for the next Western + Swing Week will once again be available online. Watch for our announcements on facebook (see below).

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